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i don’t mind getting a “new” 3ds because i skipped the 3ds XL and i got my original 3ds after the price drop, so a new, more efficient model is more appealing.

same thing as when i got my dsi. i had previously only owned the original DS. the fat silver one. i skipped the ds lite because i didn’t need it.

its becoming less and less necessary to buy every new console nintendo makes nowadays, and thats fine by me.

i wanted to get an XL soon anyway, now this new xl with all of these new features, just means that its a better idea when i get it


New 3DS: an exciting upgrade for a specific audience ⊟
Nintendo surprised everyone this morning, including people like me who weren’t paying attention to the internet, with the announcement of a “New” 3DS hardware line, featuring redesigned 3DS and 3DS LL/XL models with faster download potential, a right analog thing, extra shoulder buttons, and more. While I’m staring at this and digesting the info, let’s think out loud about it!
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Coldest Star Found—No Hotter Than Fresh Coffee
According to a new study, a star discovered 75 light-years away is no warmer than a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Dubbed CFBDSIR 1458 10b, the star is what’s called a brown dwarf. These oddball objects are often called failed stars, because they have starlike heat and chemical properties but don’t have enough mass for the crush of gravity to ignite nuclear fusion at their cores.
With surface temperatures hovering around 206 degrees F (97 degrees C), the newfound star is the coldest brown dwarf seen to date.
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I’m gonna…I’m gonna touch it..

It’s good to have goals.

im gonna fuck it

The end of that article though:

What’s more, the new star may not hold its “coldest” title for long: Scientists with NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope are working to confirm an even cooler brown dwarf with possible surface temperatures dipping down to a balmy 86°F (30°C).

Move over “coffee star”, we’ve got our new “slightly warm day star” now, or we will when it is confirmed.
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